WILLIAM RULE  (right) vocals, keyboards, programming

KLIFFEE CEE  (left) guitars, backing vocals, keyboards

The Divys recorded on the 21st floor of The Chancellor Building on S. 13th St. in Center City, Philadelphia from 2004-2008.

It all started on South 13th Street in Center City, Philadelphia. Brought together in 2004 by a musicians wanted ad, The Divys (pronounced The Dih-veez) were born. Both fans of John Waters films, it only seemed appropriate to name the band after the late, great Divine, Divi having been his nickname.


While The Divys weren’t quite sure how to merge their individual styles, they just did what came naturally. Having grown up during the launch of MTV, the Atari 2600, and landline telephones, Kliffee’s harder rock background and William’s electronic dance music past (which included working with legendary producer Bobby "O" Orlando  in the mid 1990's) blended perfectly into a sound they had both experienced first hand - The Second British Invasion, which became known as New Wave


Songs came quickly, and pretty soon The Divys released their first collection on a CD titled This Is What You Get.  A combination of unrequited love and wanting to push the envelope led to the song Freddie Are You Single, and a 90’s-like dance remix led to them winning the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.


Contest winnings aside, The Divys continued to write and record.  A second collection of songs was completed, called Sophomore,  but was never released to CD. The songs experimented by adding some elements of 70’s pop and Disco, Breathless among those songs. A third group of songs was released on CD in 2008, simply called The Divys, which included Breathless as a bonus track.


The Divys took a "short" break to relax and regroup from 2008-2020.  But inspiration never dies, and neither do good pop songs, which brings us to 2020.


Twelve years had gone by, but the same inspiration and magic they tapped into previously was right there to greet them upon their return. The result was World On Fire, a fitting song about the state of the world during the pandemic. The next song, Thank You (For Wrecking My Life) is a story as old as the world itself - a love/hate song. Again, This Time, and Don't Wanna Wake Up bring the new song count to five. These songs, as well as remixes and alternate versions will make up a soon-to-be named EP which will be released on CD, and will also be available to stream.


Stay tuned for updates and revisions, as old memories are uncovered and new ones are made.